how to create a fun home office space

How to create an uplifting home office where you will actually love spending time

Creating an uplifting home office is important for several reasons, as it can have a significant impact on your overall well-being, productivity, and work satisfaction. 

Likelihood is, you will spend most of your time in this space, so it's only natural that your home office should reflect your personal style and preferences. Customizing your workspace to your liking can make it more enjoyable and comfortable.

This is why, I knew that among other colours, MY home office will have to feature my favourite colour, pink.

And let me tell you, long gone the days when we thought that pink is for little girls only. With the popular Barbie movie in 2023, it became very evident, that pink is adored by so many. Don't be put off by old fashioned thinkers who are still stuck in the middle ages, thinking otherwise. 

It was really hard however to decide on the exact pattern for me. I love all my designs, and suddenly I realised that I was running out of space to feature all of them in my home! So as an attempt to see more than one design in my newly favourited space, I decided on bringing two designs together. I did this before in my living room, I believe that once the two designs share the same colour combination or at least one colour, they will match.

The best way to combine two different wallpapers in my opinion is to choose one that's geometrical, and one that is not. This is a brilliant way to bring pattern clash together. 

In this case, 'Squiggle' is the non geometrical pattern and 'My Kinda Stripes' is the geometrical one. They share one pink hue and the white colour. Shop pink wallpaper here: Pink Wallpapers – Sorbet Dreams

To break up the pink, I've decided on the below colour scheme that I ran into on Pinterest. I immediately knew that this is what I wanted. I thought the yellow would look perfect on the ceiling, and the green will be under the pinks, to bring an ever green spring vibe. 

When I use so many colours on the walls, I like to tone it down with accessories, such a rugs. I chose a fairly light and simple rug from Ruggable, designed by The Home Edit. Find it here: The Home Edit Joanna Ivory Rainbow Rug (

It's always a great idea to create a collage of colour schemes, furniture, wallpaper and paint colours. If anything doesn't match, it will show on the collage. Also, I find it important to note that your colour scheme you find doesn't have to be 100% identical to the one you find. For example, the yellow paint I went for on the ceiling is a bit darker than my found colour scheme, and this is fine. 

Other tips to make your office personal would include having photos or prints that reflect memories or your style, on the walls, flowers and plants around to bring life into your space.  

Let me know what you think of the outcome! 




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