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Decorating with the ‘On The Same Wavelength’ wallpaper

I designed ‘On The Same Wavelength’ Wallpaper in five colourways to suit any room in your house. The below ideas do not mean however that these colours should be restricted to these rooms, just to give an idea on colour combinations and looks. I would love to know how you used them in your interior! 

1. Pink Candy

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I used Pink Candy on my stairs, as requested by my husband! This pink shade is a very cheerful shade, and therefore will brighten up any room in the house. My staircase can be quite dark, but this wallpaper ensures that it stays modern and cool!

2. Lemon Sorbet 

If I hadn’t chosen pink, I would have probably picked Lemon Sorbet for the stairs. This zesty shade is so joyful, it would bring a smile to any house guest’s face. However, this wallpaper will look gorgeous in a bathroom (as pictured), hallway, or even kitchen area!

3. Bubblegum Yum 

This sky blue version will be bring tranquil vibes to hallways, bathrooms or boys’ bedrooms. 

4. Pistachio 

Pistachio is a soothing green shade, and will be perfect in any room really. It’s not a mint green but rather a soft sage colour, which will stay timeless and elevate your interior with ease. Mix it with retro or modern furniture, the success is guaranteed in either way!

5. Lavender

This soft lavender colour is one of my favourite shades. It will bring joy and tranquility to any bedroom, kitchen or living room, but will also stand out in hallways and bathrooms, if that's what you want, depending on your paired colourful home accessories and furniture.

Discover the collection and let me know which colour is your favourite!: On The Same Wavelength – Sorbetdreams 

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