Checkerboard wallpaper -where and how to use it?

Checkerboard wallpaper -where and how to use it?

Are you a lover of checkerboard design and want to know how and where to use it as a wallpaper? Let's discuss!

In case you've been wondering about the checker design, experts say, that not only will the gingham and checkerboard trend say, but evolve! Why? Simply because it works everywhere, and therefore it's very easy to fit it into any interior and style it with both old and new home décor. 

As a result, we've seen this motif appear in every area of décor, like tiles, flooring, rugs, fabric, even lamps and vases, you name it! 

I painted a checkerboard wall in my son's room last summer. He chose the colours. We decided to go brave, and introduced two colours along the white base. You see, this is what experts think about when they talk about evolution! Anyways, the room turned out great and it made me long for more checkers. 

My problem was that I didn't find any pastel tones I wanted to use in my rooms, and this is when I came up with the idea of creating my own wallpaper. I spent a considerable amount of time choosing the right colours, because although the checkers make a busy background, I wanted them to be a base colour that can be styled and used in any home, easily. I also believe in having lighter shades for larger areas, like walls and floors, and have the furniture and décor pop in front of them. 

I really think that checkerboard design can be used in any space, it will only come down to colour preference, whether it appears in your kitchen, living room or home office.

I've created a mix of colours in my checkered wallpaper designs, because why settle on one colour only when you can have more?

I've chosen blue and lilac with a hint of pink as a background colour, in my living room, as these colours tie my sofas and my décor together, perfectly. But I could use the same paper in a bedroom or office, just as well.

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I've been thinking of adding the yellow and lilac checks to my office, because yellow is an energising colour that can motivate you to do well, so it's perfect in any office space or kids' rooms, but even in a kitchen. 

Blue and green checkers are perfect for those who aren't particularly a fan of lilac and pink. I can imagine this soothing colour combo in basically any room, from bathroom or boys'/men's room or office to living space. This colour combo will add calm and interest to any wall. 

blue and green checkered wallpaper

Hope you like my first wallpaper collection, I'd love to see any of them in your home! 

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