Fruit themed duvet covers uk

5 cute fruit themed duvet covers for your home

I’ve come to the realisation that people love cute things in their homes. It’s probably because cute stuff adds warmth and fun to any interior hence it effortlessly offers a good feel. 

When it comes to bedrooms, cute and fun may not be your first thought, but why not, actually? Is it because old fashioned interior books tell us that a bedroom should be a soothing place? And we’ve translated that it needs to be plain and boring? Probably! And I never understood that idea. I mean, when I go to sleep I close my eyes in anyway…as long as you don’t decorate your bedroom in neon colours, I can’t imagine why it would overstimulate you? 

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is, I absolutely adore adding cute bedding to my bedroom and to my kids bedrooms. I’m also quite certain that I’m not the only one as I see more and more bedding in King and Super King sizes…

One of the cutest motifs are fruits, and I’m always asked where I got my daughter’s cherry duvet cover from. Unfortunately that one is last year’s design and when I looked, I found it hard to buy, but I still included it in the list, cause it’s too cute not to and you can still find it on Ebay or if you Google it. 

Anyways, here’s my list for now, let me know if you find cuter ones that come in King or Super king sizes!


1. ‘Dancing Cherries’ - better Google it, as it’s last year’s design, still found it on Ebay

2. Strawberry duvet - Amazon UK - I have this duvet cover and I really like it, it’s a candy pink colour and made from microfibre. I know that not everyone is a fan of that material as it’s mainly polyester, but if you do, I can recommend this one. It’s also double sided pattern, with a chevron white and pink pattern on the other side.

3. Orange Blossom from Skinny Dip - can be found on many websites like Terry’s, Next, etc. I love the blue colour, unfortunately the biggest size I found is King size, and I have a Super King duvet.

4. Pink peach duvet cover from Amazon - it’s another microfibre duvet cover, the pale pink colour looks lovely and the I absolutely love the Kawaii style of smiling peaches, it definitely screams fun! I’ve ordered this one, can’t wait to see it in person. 

5. Last one is another Skinny Dip cover with also peaches, if you’re not a fan of Kawaii style, this is a more traditional take on the fruit bedding. 

Which one is your favourite?

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