How to measure wallpaper

1. Measure the total width of your room (or the area you want to wallpaper) in metres, including any doors and windows. Divide this measurement by the width of the wallpaper you’re buying (0.52m for all my wallpaper). 

2. Take the height measurement of the room/area in metres 

3. Multiply 1 & 2.

4. Divide that number by the length of the wallpaper roll – 10m for all my wallpaper – and you’ll have the number of rolls needed.

Here's an example:

Room height: 2.3m 

Room width 10m so as per step 1: 10 ÷ 0.52 = 19.2

2.3m (height of room) x 19.2m (room width ÷ by wallpaper roll width) = 44.2m

44.2 ÷ 10m (length of the wallpaper roll) =4.42 rolls 

I always recommend adding extra as you will have waste due to pattern repeat. So in this case, get 5 rolls.