pastel lilac and green office design

How to design a pastel lilac and green office

The internet and social media are full of green and pink décor ideas. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful colour combination, in fact I've used it in my kitchen, too...but it’s getting a bit too overused now. If you would like something less obvious but nonetheless the same dreamy, then shake it up a little bit by adding lilac to your space. 

I’ve created the loveliest checkerboard wallpaper combo, green and lilac with a hint of pink as background, for the ultimate pastel maximalist office look. Below you’ll find my moodboard on how to pair it with the perfect pastel office accessories. 


pastel green and lilac office

1. I usually like to colour match my paint for any wallpaper I use, but if this service isn't available, or you prefer to buy ready made paint, Yes Colours' 'Calming Green' looks to be the answer for your pastel green needs.

2. Dulux's 'Prom Queen' is a perfect match to the pastel lilac colour in my wallpapers. 

3. I love Logitech's K380 Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and you can even get a desk mat in the same lilac colour. They also have this in pastel pink, if you fancy a break from lilac and green.

4. 'Checkmate' wallpaper in pastel lilac and green will make the perfect wall covering for your office. The pastel pink and lilac will bring soothing finesse to your space while the green will stimulate your work. You can make a feature wall or why not go maximalist style and cover your ceiling!

5. Mustard's lockers are made for this office space! Not only are they a beautiful match, but they're also very useful. The cute 'Shorty' will be perfect under your desk to keep smaller office stuff and snack hidden away, while the 'Skinny' will be the perfect office companion for larger items. 

TOP TIP: Surround yourself with items you love and that will make you smile throughout the day; this could be plants, small gifts from friends and family, colourful pens, a disco ball to give you pretty vibes whenever the sun shines. Make this truly your happy place so when the office day gets harder, you still want to sit here!



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